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It Is Time To Get Ordained!

Universal Life Church

Getting ordained is the experience of a lifetime. Becoming a Minister has a charm of its own. You have the authority to join your friends in union by performing their wedding. You can also offer condolences to a colleague who has lost a loved one, by performing the last rites. These little gestures add a lot of meaning to your life. At the Universal Life Church, we give online ordinations and confer Ministerial rights on you. Just a few minutes of your time is enough to let you get ordained online.

You can become a Minister at this online Church. The ULC makes it extremely easy for you to receive free ordinations. It is normal to be curious about knowing how to get ordained. It is in fact, a very easy process. Just fill in the form provided, entering your good name and your e-mail address. Please do not fill in your nick-name as the registration will become void. The completed form will be recorded at the Universal Life Church Monastery. On receiving certification there, you will be declared a Minister officially. It is important to fill in the correct and legal details.

A few minutes after getting ordained online, you will receive an e-mail. Please save this e-mail until you purchase an official credential online. This e-mail can be used for any intermediate queries.

Always remember that an ordination is for life. You remain a Minister is spite of taking marriage vows or shifting residence. In case you lose your credential, guidelines at the ULC site can tell you how to get a new one. It is important to take your ordination seriously and use it for the betterment of mankind. You have the power to give happiness to everyone. So, utilize it effectively!

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